About Us

SkoolBoard is an on-demand portal solution with over ten years of experience and trusted by over 60 educational institutions across Nigeria. Developed and maintained by Dreamlabs (Nig.) Ltd, the platform is designed to ease manual processes, prevent malpractices and block revenue leakages through automation.

Why Skoolboard

The Skoolboard platform automates all student-related processes of institutions, seamless blending of student self-service along with an integrated workflow system to ease student administration and informed decision making. With SkoolBoard, institutions can focus more on the core responsibility to lecturing students and improving student learning outcomes.

Our clients are guided throughout the deployment process, we provide the technical support to drive adoption and proper use of the platform for an agreed period. This support allows the institution to reduce cost and focus on providing quality education.

Trusted and deployed in leading institutions

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Optimize your Institution’s Revenue

SkoolBoard has been proven to increase the revenue of tertiary institutions by up to 250% in a year. Our platform blocks revenue leakages from fraud and poor record management as well as making it easy for our clients to attract students from anywhere within the country.

Digitize Manual Processes

The ability of students to seek admission, register for courses, book hostels and pay their fees from anywhere in the world eases the burden placed on them and reduces the workload of the relevant departments responsible for interfacing with students to carry out student-related tasks.

Increase Efficiences

The platform greatly reduces the workload of the bursary, examinations, records and registry departments and also that of the lecturers so they can focus on their core functions. The reduction in these inefficiencies also reduces the cost of running the institution.

Make Informed Decisions

With the platform’s analytic module, users have access to real-time educational metrics and data which can be used in visualization and analysis of trends for pain-point identification and obtaining metrics for data-driven policymaking.

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